When it comes to golf comedies, not a very popular genre surely, I! m sure the first thought that comes to mind is the dubious pinnacle of Rodney Dangerfield’s! ^0 Caddyshack! +/-. The new release, !

^0 Happy Gilmore! +/- featuring Saturday Night Live host Adam Sandler, tries gamely to attain! ^0 Caddyshack’s! +/- level. And though it may not be very inspiring to some viewers, however you can certainly expect witty confrontations! -and for it to leave you chuckling at the! -well perhaps the plain absurdity of the film. This is because! ^0 Happy Gilmore! +/- is a film of sophisticated wit, subtle nuances, deftly delivered humour, and carefully crafted characters.

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow executives and the board of directors of Network Ten. My name is Carol Chan and it is my absolute pleasure to be here this afternoon, on behalf of Robert Simonds, to promote his newest production, a comedy titled! ^0 Happy Gilmore! +/-. As a sales executive for Universal Pictures, I have thoroughly researched your television station and understand that your channel attracts viewers by entertaining them with movie nights, previewing a! ^0 hit! +/- film.

Network Ten is particularly renowned for screening popular soapies and films to maintain the viewer!’s attention for your station. Without a doubt, the relevance of this movie, together with the various cleverly created comedy techniques and light-hearted humour situated within, will certainly be a big hit as an inclusion for your stations! schedule. Broadcasting this movie would definitely be a profitable proposal and will assuredly benefit your ratings by increasing them phenomenally! As you may have realised, movies play a major role in society today. Considering that they build extensive structures, known as cinemas ofcourse, just to present these quick flicks that last only a measly 2 hours, wouldn! t you have to agree with me that these creations obviously are popular and demanding in society today? Now, my purpose here today isn! t to convince you into constructing cinemas or something, BUT for you to realise the significance of films and broadcasting them, !

^0 Happy Gilmore! +/- in particular, would definitely advantage your network. Films tend to have the advantage of capturing the viewer!’s attention as it does not require, like soapies or dramas, an understanding from previous episodes. Classified as a PG film, with parental guidance recommended, this movie can be featured as a family film, one that can be shared within the members of the household.! ^0 Happy Gilmore! +/- will without doubt fulfil the standards and requirements for a satisfying family film in society today. Let me provide you now with a brief excerpt from this film, one that will immediately introduce you to the main actor, Adam Sandler, otherwise known as Happy Gilmore. Just by viewing the introduction to this film, it is obvious that it will evolve around stupidity and humour.

The storyline proceeds with Happy attempting to pursue his ideal career as a hockey player, and obviously, he doesn! t succeed. However, soon discovering his inner skill and potential he has for golf as a career, he engages this potential to make big money through participating in golf tournaments by making a strike with his dominating swings that last for 400 foot drives- not an easy task indeed. Through his tournaments, he meets his attractive PR girlfriend Virginia, played by Julie Bowen and provokes the arrogant golf pro Shooter, played by Christopher McDonald. He who is embarrassed by the presence of such an uncouth player takes immoral actions to undermine Gilmore!’s chances of winning, as he feels pressured and endangered by his presence.

Although it doesn! t cover broad themes, however it provides as a great source of comedy entertainment! -one that can be trusted for golf entertainment especially. This movie will definitely attract kids viewing because it is a goofy movie starring Adam Sandler who will be a big draw in particular. As recognised from his previous crackers, like Billy Madison, it is evident that Sandler has some aptitude for physical comedy and energy that’s undeniable.! ^0 Happy Gilmore! +/- utilises satire in particular to provoke amusement.

Exploiting golf players and the sport golf as a whole, the film changes the stupidity and boredom of this sport into laughter. Happys! bits on the course in particular satirists golf through his swings and clothing, which also proved to be the best part of the film, as I’m sure everyone who’s attempted to master the game has wanted to scream at the ball like Happy does. It then exhibits the frustration by including profanity, where two prolonged scenes of televised coverage of Happy!’s golf game bleeps out a barrage of “f” and “s” words that are partially heard, concealed by! ^0 beeps!

+/-. Notwithstanding, the grossly exaggeration of Happys swings, which in turn serves as a source of constant amusement, sends the golf ball soaring in the sky like a blasting rocket, over the green hills and mountains then landing either through a window, or a hole in one! And who can forget the ridiculous inclusion of slapstick or farce settings in the! ^0 Bob Barker vs. Gilmore! +/- scene where punches and kicks are thrown from head to toe. This scene also includes parody, making the original version seem ridiculous, which in this case being a short take off of! ^0 Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

+/-. Nevertheless the techniques included creating humour works effectively as it leaves the viewer chuckling over the proposed scenes. I would strongly suggest for you to schedule this film on weekends, of which Friday nights would be most desirable as this is the most appropriate time for family gatherings, in particular family movies. A time perhaps around 8.00 or 8.30 would be ideal for the featuring of this film because this is when family members are together, perched on the couch to enjoy the movie.

Without doubt, between 7.00-8.30 timeslot would be most demanding, as this is the time when most viewers are attracted and switched onto the TV program. Therefore, it is strongly recommended for the film to be situated towards 8.00 pm, following the smash hit soapies and dramas. This will entice viewers to be attached to your program, which accordingly increases your ratings for the night. It is obvious that this film is targeted towards everyone, as it seems appealing for both the young and old. Thus there are no set targeted audiences, as there are no restrictions towards the viewers for this movie, as I! m sure everyone will enjoy this film despite their age.

In concluding to this presentation, I strongly urge you to consider this proposal. Everyone is easily seduced by comedy films, and this time, by including the wacky Adam Sandler, will assuredly boost the attraction of this film for your viewers. Ultimately as I! ve mentioned before, this would most certainly be a profit for your organisation as it would definitely increase your ratings significantly. On behalf of Universal Pictures, I thank-you very much for your time and patience in allowing me this opportunity to be here today, as we patiently await for your kind consideration- Thankyou.